We've taken the complicated nitty gritty out of building by compiling a list of frequently asked questions by clients, prospective clients as well as some industry related question and answers so that you can arm yourself with the knowledge and know-how before embarking on your home build journey.


So feel free to access our knowledge library at any time for regular updates on building regulations, building know how and processes and even diy tips for the avid diy-er, and if youre looking for specific information not on this page- simply drop us an email by clicking on this link

Building with us

Where do you build?

We currently operate in Gauteng and KZN, and will shortly be expanding our operations into Cape Town, Knysna and Port Elizabeth. We will ,however ,consider viable projects nationally.

Where are your offices located?

Our office are in Fourways,Gauteng but ideally we are wherever you want our offices to be. We understand the stresses of life and endeavour to provide a service of complete convenience to our clients, often meeting with you at your offices or home during pre construction and on site during construction.

What allowances do you offer?

For custom built home the type of allowances very much depends on the overall building budget and needs of our clients. In any event, we ensure that we provide allowances that will be of superior value and exquisite taste. For our specced or "in the box" designs , no allowances are provided for, as all finishings are predetermined in our total building package.Clients do however have some choices of finishes from our specific ranges.

Is the company licensed?

Yes, Blueprint Homes is a registered entity complying with all statutory laws. We are also a registered homebuilder with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)

Does your company carry sufficient Liability Cover ?

Most reputable builders do. If your builder does not, you could be liable for any on-site accidents. We carry a full line of liability insurance and have insurance certificates on file. All our Architects, Engineers and other professionals including craftspeople and material suppliers carry general liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance to give our clients further peace of mind.

Will you assist to find me a vacant land ?

We can! We regularly update our database of vacant land and estate developments selling land packages, as well as keep a library of realtors who can assist, based on specific client needs. We do not charge or receive any commissions for such services and is merely a way for us to add value to you, whether you are a client or not.

Does your turnkey packages include the land?

No. These are building packages only and do not include the land. We can, however, help you find your perfect piece of land.

Can you help me with the finishes for my home that isnt included in the building contract

Absolutely! As your Homebuilder,we want to totally eliminate the stresses associated with the building process, so we will assist you with other finishes and add-ons not initially on the building contract. Furthermore, throughout the years we have acquired and retained 100's of suppliers offering 1000's of types of finishing suited to every budget.

Does Blueprint Homes have a service/warranty Policy in place

Yes. We are perhaps the only Homebuilder in South Africa that offers a 2 Year Installations Warranty in addition to the 5 Year NHBRC Warranty.This is how we stand by the quality and attention we give to all our Homes.

Is Blueprint Homes expertise in custom homes or spec homes construction?

Our expertise lies in building exceptional homes. So whether you choose from one of our spec home packages, a design and build package or have plans already, we are a phone call away from your dream home.


How do i know if a homebuilder is registered?

The NHBRC has established customer centres in all provinces. To find out if a builder is registered with the NHBRC you can contact your nearest customer center, search online or by calling the toll free number 0800 200 824

Is Blueprint Homes a member of the NHBRC

Yes we are . In fact , we have one of the highest NHBRC ratings with our Provisional 100 rating

How many inspections are carried out by the NHBRC?

Every new house constructed must be inspected. If the house is enrolled prior to construction, the NHBRC is afforded the opportunity to carry out all necessary inspections. The number of inspections conducted per house is a function of the size and the complexity of the design of the house. A minimum of four inspections are carried out to ensure that the house is of good quality and that it will be fit for habitation. Housing consumers and home builders are encouraged to demand an inspection from the NHBRC during construction.

What is the NHBRC?

The NHBRC is an acronym for the National Home Builders Registration Council which is an organ of state established in terms of the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act,1998 (Act 95 of 1998).

What is covered by the NHBRC Warranty?

The warranty scheme protects the housing consumer by providing a five-year warranty against major structural defects on the new home, 90 days defects liability warranty cover,12 months roof warranty cover. A housing consumer (home owner) will have the assurance that a homebuilder registered with the NHBRC has agreed to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the NHBRC. This means that the homebuilder has agreed to build the enrolled house to a minimum quality standard that has been set out in the NHBRC's Home Building Manual.

Does the NHBRC cover alterations and improvements?

The Act does not make provisions for the alterations, conversions, additions or improvements, but the matter is being discussed with an intent to make a recommendation to the National Department on Housing.


How do i pay for my homebuild?

We would be happy to supply you with a list of reputable bond originators who can help you with obtaining a building bond to finance your new home. During the course of construction, you will be asked to make "draw payments" at pre-determined stages of completion. Once these payments are received, construction will advance to the next stage. Upon receipt of the final payment the keys will be turned over to you.

How do we ensure that the pricing allowances given are the final amount

Our "in the box" or spec packages come with so many inclusions, most Homebuilders would'nt dream of including. Allowances for finishes are discussed with clients and based on their priorities , compiled to ensure that they reflect your personality and style, and not just a compromise.

The process

Where do i start?

Building the home of your dreams starts with finding the perfect piece of land suited to your needs. If you already have land, the next step is to have your lot evaluated for design and 'buildability'. We will walk your lot with you at no charge and advise you on the building advantages and disadvantages associated with your land. If you do not already own land, We can recommend vacant land or put you in touch with developers and estate agents who may have land for sale.

Once you have your land you can choose from one of over 50 of our "in the box" designs, or to design your custom home. We offer an in-house design service for drawing house plans, and we maintain close relationships with the best architects. Our competitively priced design service combines our building experience with artful design solutions to offer our clients a truly outstanding value.

If you already own land and houseplans, we can meet with you to discuss the pricing and construction process of your home.

Does an architect review the proposed "in the box " package?

At Blueprint Homes, the answer is yes. All of our Architects are professionals with decades of experience,knowledge and creative flair.What more, with the new adoption of SANS 10400 , the building code is complex and in many instances requires this professional to make design and engineering decisions.Very often ,Architects that do not keep up to relevant product knowledge and training result in clients having to spend more money on the construction of their homes than would have been necessary.

What if i can't find the right house designs?

That's easy! If you can't find the perfect home design to suit your needs, Blueprint Homes will design it for you! We have our own team of highly experienced architects who will work with you until you are 100% happy with the design.

Do i have to pay for the initial consultation?

No. We recognise that for you to work with us throughout your entire home building process, you need to have a strong level of comfort and understanding of who we are and the services we provide. That is why our initial consultation and assessment of your needs , land and budget and subsequent pricing are absolutely free. We are confident that as a superior Homebuilder, you will immediately see the benefits of going to a Builder that understands not just building but also customer service and relationships

How will I know who to speak to at different stages in the construction of my home?

Thats the beauty of our streamlined processes. We've designed our operations to be so seamless that your point of contact will be one person only- your designated Blueprint Homes Project Manager. Every Project Manager is equipped to advise and work with you on all aspects of the building process from design concept

General Questions

What does it cost to build a house per square meter?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions however it is the most difficult questions to answer because every home is different than the last. Style, size, construction material, and the level of detail all play a major role in the price per square meter of new home construction. Our price per square metre packages were developed to simplify the pricing process and offer our clients an up-front and clear idea of what their "in the box" home will cost. The packages are based on living space of your future home and outline the amenities included for each package For custom homes , our in- house costing software will ensure that every detail in your houseplans are calculated with meticulous precision, ensuring that our pricing model is extremely competitive and gives our clients superior value and flexibility.

How long will it take to build my house?

The building process can take anywhere from 4 to 10 months depending on the design, complexity, size , time of year etc. However other factors such as design time and municipal approvals must also be factored in, and this can be a further 2 to 4 months.

What does it mean to build green?

We employ high performance building science systems and technologies in the construction of all our homes. What does that mean for you? Our Green homes promise lower energy costs and water bills, better indoor air quality and lower maintenance.Everything from rainwater harvesting to solar panels , heat pumps to UPVC window frames ,cavity wall insulation to permeable paving, we combine the best of two worlds: beauty and function. We believe in responsible energy consumption, and it shows in our designs and in our homes.