For many, the year end holidays is a much anticipated time of rest and relaxation, of pina colada's and sunsets , a time for giving! But for thieves and burglars, TIS A TIME FOR TAKING

Protecting your home from burglary is a necessity all year round, but when burglars know that holidays such as Christmas are when homes are filled with new gadgets, flat screen tv's, jewellery ,cash and other expensive items , and worse yet, empty homes- extra security measures need to be considered.

So avoid having the joy and sense of goodness being knocked out of your holidays by following these 10 simple security measures when away.

  1. Try to organise a housesitter so that your house always looks occupied, no post is left in the postbox and your lights come on and go off irregularly.

  2. If you can't get a housesitter, then put your outside lights on a timer, as well as one or two inside lights, to give the house a lived-in look. Also hook up a radio on a timer so it comes on for an hour every couple of hours.

  3. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye out on the place and pick up your post and junkmail. Nothing says I am on holiday like two wet newspapers on the lawn.

  4. Make sure your house is well lit at night; not brightly but enough to expose someone trying to sneak in. Garden lights can help with this.

  5. Close all your windows and check that all your locks and security gates are in good condition.

  6. Close all ground floor curtains and blinds so people cant see inside the house during the day.It is better for the house to look unoccupied during the day than at night ,which is would be if the curtains were open.

  7. Lock your shed and any outdoor storage areas and make sure that the garage is locked too.

  8. Turn down your telephone volume and dont announce your holiday plans on your answering machine.

  9. Leave a spare key with a close friend/family in case of emergencies.

  10. And lastly, ensure that your household insurance payments are up to date. This gives you the additional peace of mind knowing that you are covered for potential losses.


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