"Nature Estate", "Eco- estate", "security village", "gated community", "lifestyle estate" - whatever it seems to be called these days, one thing is for certain, estate living is proving to be a popular choice amongst urban South Africans. Whilst security is always ranked at the top of decision making for most living in estates, the current trend of "Lifestyle community" seems to be the buzzword. Facilities and infrastructure built into the estates such as premium schooling, lifestyle facilities, golf

courses ,restaurants , etc seem to make the decision of estate vs suburb much easier. More so, savvy investors are "getting in on the action" by quickly snapping up vacant plots in new and young developing estates knowing full well that investment returns will keep them smiling when the estates become fully developed

.Notwithstanding the investment potential, the seamless co-habitation between wildlife and residents is also proving to be popular. Almost to the point that every new estate popping up seems to focus on natural elements, which come through in architectural design, preservation of greenbelts flora and fauna. The new concepts of Lifestyle Community is taken a step further in developments such as Waterfall City and Steyn City in Gauteng, where developments combine both residential and commercial investors ensuring that the integration between work and play is effortless. So whether you're retiring, a family starting up, a novice investor or a property mogul, it seems like estate living is the ideal choice for all- and with a steady 7.5% increase in estate developments annually- it's definitely the way of the future.

Blueprint Homes have been building homes in many estates around Gauteng, and with our vast knowledge of the estate market and clients need for privacy, investment returns and individuality, we have home designs and building packages to suit all tastes and budgets. A beautifully crafted home not just makes the homeowner stand out above the rest, it also provides "living inspiration"- the desire to combine functionality with natural aethetic.

So speak to us about building your dream estate home. We'll not only take care of the process of architectural guidelines, Estate rules and regulations and the compliance issues , but build you the home you'll be proud to call home, sweet home....


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