Blueprint Homes has over 35 years of experience in the built services emanating from both commercial and residential construction.  As  established residential contractors based in Johannesburg and Durban, our focus is to provide our clients with upmarket custom and off-plan homes delivered with exceptional quality and measured to the highest service levels.


The company's founders derive their business ethos from years of experience in the market understanding the exact needs of clients.Our experience in the commercial environment has also imbued in us a keen sense of awareness about the importance of relationships. That is why we understand that building your home is not just about stacking bricks. Its about ensuring that we partner with your vision and acknowledging that your home is your biggest investment yet. Our approach is bench-marked by the highest standards of quality,delivered by the most skilled tradesman and reassured by years of experience.


As an organisation and through each and every member of our staff, we will demonstrate to you that we are fair in business,honest in both word and deed and reliable in every aspect. We conduct ourselves in this manner because we do not differentiate between the way we run our business and the way we live our lives. With the surplus of builders in Johannesburg and KZN , speak to us about how we set ourselves apart from the rest to provide every one of our clients with a building solution that suits your needs and budget to give you cost effective building solutions.


We build exceptionally crafted homes designed with you in mind- its that simple!

We manage the process by being completely hands on ,so that no detail- from foundation to the colour of the petunias on the sidewalk- is overlooked.



Our project and production schedules are both demanding and efficient and every component of our building materials and building techniques are well researched and selected for its ability to contribute to the overall strength and value of our homes. Building plans and building costs are monitored at every stage of the build to ensure that we are on budget and on specification without compromising quality 

Every single member of our staff contributes to the building of your home as if they were building their home, such is the passion and dedication we have in ensuring that the level of expertise and care taken , is an experience unparalleled in the market.


We know that there are many home builders in Gauteng who compete in this market.Our objective is not only to ensure that we deliver an exceptionally crafted home, but also to make sure that every other aspect of our association with you is treated as priority. There's more to building your home than just building your home- theres administering the contract, constant rapport and support, bank and bond stage approvals, engineering, consulting, architectural guidelines, council approval and compliance, finishing schedules and product knowledge. 


Our approach and processes ensure that we take care of all of this on your behalf as a collaborative effort.You bring the ideas, we bring the know how and the open mind to execute what you want, the way you want it.


And that's what seperates us from the crowd and creates value for our Blueprint Homes Client

design & build

We handle everything from architects  design to construction of your custom home. Partnering with us ensure no nasty cost surprises

building packages

Our "in the box" turnkey off-plan packages  range from 220 sqm to 900 sqm and reflects thoughtful design , cost efficiency and quality finishes 


Have  building plans   Let us submit an obligation free cost proposal usingthe latest pricing software  to deliver transparent and thorough costings

major remodelling

Our remodelling teams handle both large residential and commercial renovations and fit outs on spec , on time and on budget.



Each and every member ,from our site staff to office staff that works on your home is an expert at what they do.This is because years of experience in bringing paper to life has lent these men and women with the skills and competencies to excel.Furthermore, we ensure that all staff training are up to date, not only in our trade but also client service principles so that everyone buys into our vision of a premium customer experience.

Every single Blueprint Homes trade partner who touches your home is a true craftsman. Carpenters,plumbers,kitchen specialists,floor installers, aircon technicians ,security experts, you name it-we have the best! These partners associated with us and ultimately you, are tradesmen with years of experience and are partners that share our commitment to building only the best homes for our clients.Our partners are licenced to comply with the relevant municipal regulation and independant trade institution regulations, to ensure that accountability and expertise is what goes into your home.



*Terms and Conditions applicable 

When you're building your new home, you want to be assured that your builder is committed to producing a final product exactly as you want it and to the highest standards.


As a NHBRC Builder, we have the highest rating available by the National Home Builder Registration Council and every home we build come with the following guarantees:

  • 5 Year Structural Defects Warranty

  • 12 Month Roof Warranty

  • 3 Month Defects Liability Period


But what about everything else in your valuable home that's not structural? 

A first in the industry and an undivided assurance of the expertise, care and commitment we place in every home we build, we have provided for an additional standard 2 Year Blueprint Homes Warranty* to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that our relationship with you does not end when we hand you the keys to your new home.


The Blueprint Homes Warranty is a free  warranty that ensures that installer defects on finishings, fixtures and fittings such as ceilings, flooring, kitchens ,trims ,and specialist fittings and custom work are  covered against installer defects for a period of 2 Years.


Thats another way of standing by the quality and craftmanship of every Blueprint Home.